DSV Construction phase – The logistics facility is scheduled for completion during the fourth quarter of 2020, with occupation taking place from December 2020 to early 2021. DSV Park | Gauteng will house a logistics warehouse of 79 000 m², a cross-dock facility of 32 000 m², and an office space of 10 000 m².

The site is already a hive of activity. The main contractor is on-site, and columns are lifting out of the ground. The first slab was thrown last week.

Our Solution

  • We are supplying  a Wire speed- Mega net network structured cabling solution for Data, Wi-Fi, Access Control, CCTV and VOIP telephone solution (4000 network points).
  • We are supplying a redundant Optic fibre backbone to link all the remote data cabinets to the main server room.
  • We are supplying Data cabinets for the server room, Patch rooms, and wall mount cabinets in the warehouses.
  • We are supplying Delta UPS’s for all the edge cabinets.



  • We are working on a staged approach as we will be working behind the construction team, as the building is in the progress of been built we will be installing the structured cable, data cabinets, and Optic fibre cable.
  • We have not started as yet but is a 6 months project.
  • The customer has an international standard network work that will be able to supply  1 gigabyte to the desktop and 10 gigabytes between network cabinets.
  • This will allow the customer to upgrade their hardware on a continuous basis without changing the network structure.
  • The solution has a 25-year guaranty.